About the ADRS

The Alternative Dispute Resolution Society of MNLU Mumbai is one of the premier societies of the university. It’s history is decorated with accolades, initiatives and a plethora of reputed collaborations with law firms, departments of the government and individual practitioners. The society prides itself on stimulating an active mediation and negotiation culture amongst its students and offering the best opportunities to build future careers and growth. Some of the initiatives by the ADR Society include:

1. A mandatory 4-credit course on Alternate Dispute Resolution (Clinical)

  • The duration of the course is 100 hours and it has both a theoretical aspect (30 hours) as well as a practical aspect (70 hours)
  • The course covers the basic aspects of Mediation, Negotiation and Client Consultation and acquaints the students with Arbitration Law and Practice

2. University offers a two-year Master in Arts (Executive) Program in Mediation and Conflict Resolution.

  • India’s first university to offer such a course.
  • This is a comprehensive course which deals with the latest developments such as Online Mediation, International Disputes Negotiation, inter alia.
  • The course advisor is Dr. Tanu Mehta and the faculty include retired judge of the Supreme Court of India, Justice B.N. Srikrishna, expert mediator, Sriram Panchu and internationally recognised experts including Linda Dobson and Pascal Comvalius.

3. University offered Extra-credit 30-hour course specifically focused on Mediation

  • This course focused on the theoretical and practical aspects of the process. The pedagogy included mock mediation sessions as well.
  •  This session was conducted by Ms. Nilima Chandramani and other experts in the field

4. University has established a Centre for Mediation and Research.

  • It is the first centre in India dedicated solely to the subject of Mediation.
  • The Centre undertakes studies, publishes research papers, and organises workshops to contribute to the development of mediation as a primary dispute resolution mechanism
  • The Centre also imparts training to judges, judicial officers and lawyers of the Bombay High Court

5. Guest Lecture on Investment Arbitration by Prof. Julien Chaisse-

Indian Review of International Arbitration of Centre for Arbitration and Research, Maharashtra National Law University Mumbai organized an inaugural lecture of “Distinguished Guest Lecture Series on International Arbitration” by Dr. Julien Chaisse, Professor, School of Law, City University of Hong Kong and Founding Advisory Board member of IRIArb.

6. Workshops conducted by eminent personalities 

  • Workshops related to Mediation and Negotiation conducted by Ms. Catherine Davidson (International Civil Mediator), Advocate Firdosh Kassam Karachiwala (Founder, Centre for Alternative Dispute Resolution) and Ms. Iram Majid (Director, Indian Institute of Arbitration and Mediation)
  • Was a great platform for the students to get insights into the process of mediation and negotiation and a good learning experience.

7. National webinar on negotiation and conciliation skills 

  • The college organized a National Webinar on the topic Negotiation and conciliation on 28th January, 1st ,4th 8th 11th and 15th February  2022
  • It was in association with Family court Bar association Mumbai with Mrs. Kristi Harrington ( Former Judge, Circuit Court North Carolina USA) as the chief guest).

8. Organized a National Webinar on topic ‘Arbitration from judges Perspective’

  • National Webinar on topic ‘Arbitration from judges Perspective’ was conducted on 1st Jan 2022
  • This initiative had Mr. Pramod D. Ambedkar (Former district Judge, joint director of MJA High Court empanelled Arbitrator Aurangabad) as the chief guest. 

9. A series introduced by the Center for Mediation and Research

  • MNLU Mumbai conducted ‘Meet the Negotiators’ series with two distinguished Retd. Indian Diplomats- Ambassador Manjeev Singh Puri and Ambassador Dr. Mohan Kumar.
  • It was conducted on 2th January 2022