Sustainability: Planet and Profit

The Theme for this edition is "Sustainability: Planet and Profit". Mediation and Alternate Dispute Resolution are avenues that are primarily associated with the corporate and commercial sector. However, with Mediation Bombay we wish to change this narrative and broaden the purview to include sustainability and the planet.The only manner to achieve exponential growth is through providing innovative sustainable solutions that do not come at the cost of our planet's health. Sustainability is not limited to only the planet but also creating a sustainable workplace , social, humanitarian and political atmosphere.
While Mumbai is known for its buzzing streets, cut-throat competition, drama and everyone’s pulsating drive to ‘make it’, there is another side of Mumbai that although rarely spoken of is equally as important. The Metro Rail construction across the city saw the felling of thousands of trees in the Aarey Milk Colony, annually the ocean pays us back for all the ‘offerings’ we make, 55 percent of this opulent city lives in slums and countless others are left homeless. ‘Aamchi Mumbai’ they say and thus, we embrace both. ‘Planet and Profit’. Through the third edition of Mediation Bombay we wish to speak to our duty as future leaders and builders of a greater tomorrow. While profit building is imperative, protecting the rights of every citizen, section of society, our ecosystem and our environment is of utmost importance to foster this development.
With that spirit, we are proud to announce that we will be implementing an array of sustainable goals to take active steps towards a ‘planet and profit’ driven future. Stay tuned to run this marathon with us!